Kermit optional. 

Kermit optional. 


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shadows---die said: love ur blog! <3

Thank you so much! 💖

mansuescere said: you're not alone inspired please

We did that one a while ago…Check it out here!

xmichaeljacksonx said: Rock with you inspired? =D

Done! :D

michael-jaxon said: I love this tumblr, please post more!!

Thank you! We will try! <3

dancingmachin3 said: what a cool blog <3 very creative.

Thank you very much! <3

breestanfield said: I love this blog!

Wow thank you! <3

letsplay-dressup said: this blog is genius<3

Aw, thank you very much!

Do you have an outfit request? Your favorite video or MJ moment? Feel free to leave a request!

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weekndsareforl-o-v-e said: your blog is SEX. thank you<3

Oh. You are welcome.

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